GR302 Writing better JDs

In this module, you learn how to rewrite job descriptions to be more attractive.

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Welcome to GR302

Sample videos from the course


Course content

Step Into Their Shoes

10 min
  • Step for a while into developer’s shoes (9:45)

Job Description Analysis

2 lessons
11 min
  • How to analyze a job description? (9:36)
  • Download the PDF checklist (1:07)

Rewriting Boring JDs to Job Ads

7 min
  • How can you rewrite a super-boring job description to an attractive Job Ad? (6:46)

Who Is An IT Business Partner?

5 lessons
63 min
  • JD Review - Fullstack developer 1 (12:25)
  • JD Review - Fullstack developer 2 (14:06)
  • JD Review - Fullstack Remote Developer (14:56)
  • JD Review - iOS/Android developer (8:12)
  • JD Review - Mobile app developer (12:23)

How To Rewrite Job Descriptions?

10 min
  • Learn how to rewrite JDs (10:00)

How To Use Canva?

9 min
  • Use Canva to create visuals (9:03)

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About the instructor

Instructor Michal Juhas

Michal Juhas

Michal is a serial entrepreneur and consultant helping companies to upskill their teams. He’s on a mission to upskill a million people around the world.

In the past, Michal has co-founded companies in the Czech Republic, Thailand, and Slovakia. The biggest one has reached 100 mil USD in annual gross booking volume in 2018.

Today, he is not only the CEO of Geekruiter, but also one of the hosts and instructors keen to upskill technical recruiters from all over the world.

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I really enjoy your short tips and like the idea of bringing in developers to the table.

David, recruiter

Just signed up! There is always plenty to learn in this challenging and dynamic market!

Marta, recruiter

I was really surprised how professional the course from Geekruiter is - IT people finally speak a normal language that everyone can understand! It is very much visible how much work they have invested in order to help recruiters understand technical fundamentals; so essential for our work!

I got to learn a lot of new things, made things clear that I thought I knew, but Michal together with his team helped me to understand it in a wider concept.

I do recommend you to join Geekruiter - learning is fun with them and they are ready to explain you every single detail that you were afraid to ask before.

Michaela, recruiter

The training videos are pretty much beneficial for tech recruiters like us. Keep up the good work!

Chandra, recruiter

I am an IT recruiter professional working on 7+ years yet believe this Academy will truly help me improve and enhance my skills to find right candidate.

Savintha, recruiter

The videos and content are very helpful. Thanks for the initiative. Appreciate it!

Akshita, recruiter

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