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Inside the Geekruiter Academy

News & best practices

Ongoing tips and insights to help you recruit developers like a Pro!

We share tips and tricks from those who are best equipped to hire developers: technical leaders.

Interview with Jan Mikes, the CTO at Entrydo

Quick insights

Sometimes we just record a 3- to 5-minute-long video with an interesting insight.

Webinar & Live training

Every week, we pick a topic you—technical recruiters—struggle with and discuss Live.

Technology map

Programming languages and frameworks

We highlight and interview real developers who work with programming languages.

Introduction of a C# developer

Next, we talk about the technologies, programming languages and frameworks the developers work with.

How to hire C# developers?


Inside the Academy, recruiters meet developers and technical leaders who teach them about technologies, programming languages, and frameworks.

Community inside the Geekruiter Academy

Video courses for technical recruiters

Technical foundation is a must. We cover topics such as the difference between Java and JavaScript, project and product manager, full-stack and DevOps, etc.

Lesson: How to attract developers?

What's hot and what's not?

We show you what languages and frameworks are trending so that you can talk to developers with confidence.

Deep dive topics & interviews with CTOs

Some of the essential topics and go-to resources for technical recruiters:

  • What to write developers on LinkedIn? How to get their attention?
  • How does a technical leader interview a Java developer?
  • Web development technologies and how they fit. Three IT specialists sharing their view.
  • How do I as a tech recruiter look through a Git repo, and derive value from it.
  • What does a technical leader focus on during a technical interview? [Java, frontend, …]
  • Software development life cycle & roles.
  • Frontend and backend: how it all fits together?
  • What do the developers do all day? What tools do they use?
  • Interview with a recruiter who shares how to write a great job description.
  • What is git and why everybody knows it?
  • How can we rewrite a super-boring JD to an exciting one?
  • How to write exciting job descriptions?
  • How to adjust recruiting strategy when hiring A) body-shop contractor B) full-time permanent?
  • History of technologies and their evolution: what’s new, what’s cool & hip?
  • What questions to ask during an interview with a frontend developer?
  • Databases - overview of technologies and frameworks
  • ...and many more.

Senior tech leaders meet and train recruiters in IT.

Interview with Josef Nevoral, the CTO at GuestReady

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