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Pricing & Terms


There are two options how to finance this online training program:

  1. A one-time, upfront payment of 790 EUR per person
  2. Five monthly payments of 189 EUR each
Group discounts
# of recruiters One-time upfront payment Monthly subscription for five months
1-2 790 EUR 189 EUR
3-5 690 EUR 159 EUR
6-10 590 EUR 139 EUR

The prices above are per person. A sample calculation:

  • An individual recruiter can pay either upfront 790 EUR or monthly
    5 x 189 = 945 EUR
    in total).
  • A group of three recruiters can pay either
    3 x 690 = 2,070 EUR
    upfront or monthly
    3 x 5 x 159 = 2,385 EUR
    in total over five months.
  • A group of six recruiters can pay either
    6 x 590 = 3,540 EUR
    upfront or monthly
    6 x 5 x 139 = 4,170 EUR
    in total over five months.

You receive an invoice immediately after the payment is made.

Use it to claim business expenses at your company. Just don't forget to enter the company's name, address, and VAT ID during checkout.

Online payment

You can use PayPal wallet, debit or credit card to pay.

Our payment processor is Braintree, a PayPal company. The payment is processed safely via encrypted connection. At Geekruiter, we never see you card's number.

Money-back guarantee

If you don't like what we teach, we'll refund you within the first 30 days. No questions asked although feedback is very welcome.

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