How to attract developers?

  • May 27, 2019
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  • Published by Michal Juhas
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What You Didn't Know About The New IT Recruiter Toolkit?

We've been working hard in 2019 to create materials for recruiters who want to thrive in 2020. Just released!

Who Is A Database Administrator

Learn what's the difference between a database developer and a database administrator. What tools do they use? What are they responsible for?

[Live] How To Start IT Recruitment

IT everywhere. Soon, every recruiter will need to recruit IT / tech positions. Learn how to start already today.

Three Tips For Making Job Descriptions More Attractive

The traditional job descriptions barely work for IT roles.

What To Ask A Hiring Manager When Recruiting C# Developers?

Learn what to ask the hiring manager next time you are about to recruit a senior C# mobile application developer.

[Live] IT Recruitment Show With Matus Kopalko

Learn how Matus is becoming an IT recruiter ON THE SIDE... and how can you, too!

[Live] Interview With Vlad on C# Devs Recruitment

Three challenges Vlad's new course on IT Recruitment helps to overcome: Focused on the C# developers. How to hire them with ease?

[Live] Recruitment And Hiring Challenges By Josef Nevoral

What are some of the recruitment and hiring challenges that Josef Nevoral, the CTO at GuestReady, faces?

[Live] How To Recruit & Hire C# Developers With Vlad

Learn about C# / .NET so you can hire developers with confidence. We talk with Vladimir Bezak, a senior C# developer, about his new course on Hiring C# developers.

[Live] How To Match Companies With The Right Developers

Why the IT roles are so confusing? How can you target the right profiles and match them with the right companies?

Remote Team's Recruitment Challenges

Learn why Josef Nevoral, the CTO at GuestReady, doesn't work with IT recruiters.

[Live] How To Recruit Frontend Developers

Learn the difference between Web and Frontend developers.

Three Secret Ingredients To Recruiting Software Developers

Learn how to hire IT roles from those who know most about developers: CTOs and IT hiring managers.

How to recruit Frontend developers?

Learn what's the difference between a web developer and a frontend developer. And how can you recruit them.

Why Have I Started Training For Recruiters?

Read or watch to learn more about my journey... especially how it started. #Geekruiter... recruit more geeks.

Who is a database developer?

Wondering what's the difference between a database developer and a database administrator?

IT Acronyms Every Recruiter Should Know

Learn the must-know acronyms every recruiter hiring software developers should know.

Skills required to hire lots of developers

Anyone who can code is already coding for some company. Recruiters need to level up to attract and hire lots of developers.

Write better job descriptions

JDs were never meant to be external ads. They are internal HR documents. Boring, not attractive. Learn how to rewrite them.

Just released a 60-min free class on IT recruitment

Watch this class to learn from Michal how can you become a great IT recruiter and a full end-to-end partner to CTOs.

What do Deutsche Bank layoffs mean for recruiters?

Industries change. Roles change. Expectations elevate. IT accelerates everything. As an IT recruiter, you need to level up.

Online group training starting on July 9

We are launching Live Online Training: 10 modules, bi-weekly for 90 minutes. Plus, 10 video courses!

A shift in HR towards Marketing & Sales

You cannot wait any longer for the inbound applicants. You need to approach developers proactively on LinkedIn, GitHub, Slack communities et cetera.

Four reasons why do developers dislike IT recruiters

Based on our countless discussions with developers over the years, there are these reasons why they look down at recruiters. Learn what can you change to become a recruiter developers love working with.

What do recruiters say about our training?

We're thrilled to read all the positive feedback and reviews.

Three challenges recruitment leaders face

I talked to dozens of recruitment team leaders over the last few weeks and these are the challenges I hear all over again.

Crafters vs. Makers

A series of Live videos on how to build and manage remote tech teams.

How to attract developers?

I'm often asked during webinars "How do I attract developers?" So here's a video explaining it briefly.

How to recruit software developers with confidence?

What are the traits of a superstar technical recruiter? How to become one?

Managing tech teams with Cedric Escher from GotCourts

A series of Live videos on how to build and manage remote tech teams.

The #1 challenge of remote teams and how to overcome it?

A series of Live videos with Josef Nevoral on how to build and manage remote tech teams.

Kick-off: Remote, co-located, distributed teams

A series of Live videos with Josef Nevoral on how to build and manage remote tech teams.

How Should Teams Of Recruiters Remain Relevant On The Market

Employees who cannot keep up the pace with technologies are getting redundant. What about your recruiters?

Geekruiter Team

Meet our team (from the left): Silvester, Rudo, Kristy, Vlad, Matus, Michal. Learn more about us here.

How can developers increase their market value?

During a job fair ProfesiaDays in Bratislava (Slovakia) we organized a workshop for developers who are wondering how can they get better job opportunities and increase their market value.

Browser Extension

Increase your productivity with our new Browser Extension.

What gets us excited at 5 AM?

How do you feel when you wake up at 5 AM in the morning?

What questions do we hear most frequently?

Free trial? Shared account? Free content? Technical assessment? Watch Michal and Vlad answer some of your frequently asked questions.

Launching Geekruiter Academy

The Geekruiter Academy is LIVE and ​open for enrollment.

Java vs. JavaScript for recruiters

There are these jokes among developers that recruiters don’t even know there’s a difference between Java and JavaScript.

What questions to ask during an interview with a senior PHP developer?

Want to know what does a CTO ask during an interview? How to recognize a senior developer? And most importantly, how to recognize a great developer?

How to use Slack communities to source developers?

Developers tend to hang out in online communities. Did you know some of them even welcome recruiters to share interesting job opportunities?

Meetup of the Smart Upskill community

Geekruiter is powered by the #smartupskill community. Last week we met to discuss our #upskill initiatives, including Geekruiter.

How to rewrite a super-boring JD to an exciting one?

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