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We help recruiters become more confident and successful in filling software development and IT positions.

Is Your Team Trying Hard To Recruit Software Developers?

  • Do your team members feel overwhelmed by all the IT terminology?
  • Would you like them to understand technologies better so they can talk to developers with confidence and interact during meetups or job fairs?
  • Would you like to shorten their on-boarding time?
  • Would you like to structure your recruitment team's on-boarding?

Evidence shows that recruiters who don't have a solid IT background struggle to source and recruit software developers.

Just imagine

How Many Developers Could Your Team Hire If They Had A Strong IT Background?

Technical leaders, CTOs, and hiring managers have most knowledge related to hiring software developers. They understand technologies, know about the IT roles, and know what to ask during an interview.

Many of them know how to attract developers, how to source them on GitHub or in Slack communities.

But they don't like to recruit!

Imagine what would your business be like if your recruiters knew a lot about technologies AND if they also enjoyed the recruitment activities!

They could cold call developers, interview them with confidence, assess, and even give Go/No-Go recommendations to the hiring managers. #nextLevel

How many more developers could they recruit if they knew how to attract them?

How much more in commissions could your business earn if they were able to source and attract the right IT people and match with the right positions?

...and that's why we are here! We "extract knowledge" from the heads of CTOs and hiring managers and show how can recruiters apply it in their daily job.

As an alternative, your team-mates can...

  • ...spend hours watching random YouTube videos and not learn anything.
  • to random developers trying to learn from them only to realize their are stuck for yet another month.
  • nothing and keep struggling for another year or two while wasting the huge recruitment opportunities laying right in front of them!
  • Would you like to structure your team's on-boarding?

Or... You can enroll them in our training program where they learn what they need, quickly.

We train and upskill recruiters around the world to become great at IT recruitment. They learn a lot about software developers and the technologies, languages, and frameworks they use.

We Focus On Results

We usually start with laying down a strong technical foundation:

  • Understand technologies, languages and frameworks related to software development, DevOps, networking, cybersecurity, Data and BI.

Then, they learn...

  • How to analyze a job description, categorize and identify what is missing.
  • What to ask an IT hiring manager to fill in the gaps.
  • How to make a small-talk with software developers to demonstrate expertise.

And we get them to a point where they know...

  • How to write attractive job ads and teasers to attract passive candidates on social media.
  • How to source and approach software developers.
  • How to screen and assess IT candidates.
  • How to pre-interview candidates so they are more helpful to the hiring manager.
  • and eventually recommend if and why is the candidate a good fit.

We Train Recruiters In Companies Like

Here is what YOU can do for YOUR team right now to increase their competences:

1. Buy An Onboarding Package For A New Joiner

Do you have a new joiner in a team? Buy him this onboarding package to cover the IT Fundamentals For Recruiters. Your colleague can start learning immediately, on-demand.

2. Book A Private Online Webinar

Choose one of the topics and book a class with our instructor, online. This is great if you are aware of your team's knowledge gaps and want to fill one of them right here, right now.

Topic Length Price
Introduction To IT Recruitment
Is your team transitioning from non-IT recruitment? Learn about the specifics of IT recruitment and methods to attract developers. Our instructor walks you through the best practices in IT recruitment.
90 min 199 EUR
Confusing IT roles explained
Learn about the differences and specifics of most confusing IT roles. Our instructor walks you through a mind-map of 20+ IT roles and their specifics.
90 min 199 EUR
Data, data science and BI explained
Learn about the languages, frameworks and roles related to Data & Business Intelligence. Our instructor presents our mind-map focusing on Data-related roles, technologies, and key terms.
90 min 199 EUR
Key IT acronyms recruiters often struggle with
Learn how can you take advantage of IT acronyms recruiters often don't understand. Our instructor explains the acronyms in context and human language.
90 min 199 EUR
Small-talk topics with software developers
Learn scripts that help you have confident small-talk with developers. Our instructor explains a framwork we use while training this skill.
90 min 199 EUR
(Re)writing better job descriptions
Learn how to attract software developers with more effective job ads & teasers. Our instructor shows you a few case studies and how to apply our framework to make more attractive job ads.
90 min 199 EUR
Sourcing on GitHub and Slack
Learn how to source software developers on GitHub and Slack. Our instructor explains what are these tools, why do developers use them, and how can recruiters use them to source developers.
90 min 199 EUR
Technologies used by C# developers
What do recruiters need to know about technologies to source and recruit C# developers? Our instructor explains the C# technology map and related technologies.
90 min 199 EUR
Technologies used by Java developers
What do recruiters need to know about technologies to source and recruit Java developers? Our instructor explains the Java technology map and related technologies.
90 min 199 EUR
Technologies used by JavaScript developers
What do recruiters need to know about technologies to source and recruit JavaScript developers? Our instructor explains the JavaScript technology map and related technologies.
90 min 199 EUR
DevOps technology map
Technologies related to DevOps roles that recruiters should be aware of. Our instructor explains the DevOps technology map and related technologies.
90 min 199 EUR

3. Book An On-site Seminar

At your office, with our instructor, face-to-face. Available only in the Central Europe. These are usually great "brain dumps." Plus, we have more time to practice, guide your team, and give on-the-job feedback.

Popular topics include...

  • IT Fundamentals "brain dump"
  • IT Roles Deep-dive
  • Software Developers Deep-dive
  • Sourcing & Recruiting C# Developers
  • Sourcing & Recruiting DevOps Engineers
  • Sourcing & Recruiting Java Developers
  • the brochure to learn more

4. Level Your Team Up With A Full Training Program

These are four to 32-week-long programs that focus on a specific area or skill related to IT recruitment. Each program consists of classes with an instructor and pre-recorded video courses.

Program Type Content Length
IT Fundamentals For Recruiters
onboarding Standard pace, bi-weekly Live classes
Online 8 modules 16 weeks
IT Fundamentals For Recruiters
onboarding Slower pace, Live class once a month
Online 8 modules 32 weeks
IT Sourcing Strategies
Online 2 modules 4 weeks
Advanced IT Recruitment Strategies
Online 5 modules 10 weeks

5. Get On Our Mentoring Program

One-on-one management mentoring with our industry experts. We connect you to senior managers who led IT recruitment teams in the past.

This is a great way to get your business to the next level with hands-on mentoring and coaching. We start with an assessment and then determine the exact steps. Reach out to Michal directly for more info.

Would You Like To Talk?

If you are interested in bringing your recruitment team into The Geekruiter Academy and would like to learn more, book a time slot to speak with us.