Team Upskill

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We help recruiters become more confident and successful in filling software development and IT positions.

1. Request a FREE Demo Class

Book a private, 45-minute-long training session for your team. Choose one of the three topics and book a slot in our calendar.

2. Book Us For One-day Seminars

At your office, with our instructor, face-to-face.

3. Enroll The Team In Training Programs

These are four to 32-week-long programs that focus on a specific area or skill. Each program consists of classes with an instructor and pre-recorded video courses.

Program Type Content Length
IT Fundamentals For Recruiters
onboarding Standard pace, bi-weekly Live classes
Online 8 modules 16 weeks
IT Fundamentals For Recruiters
onboarding Slower pace, Live class once a month
Online 8 modules 32 weeks
IT Sourcing Strategies
Online 2 modules 4 weeks
Advanced IT Recruitment Strategies
Online 5 modules 10 weeks

4. Get On Our Mentoring Program

One-on-one management mentoring with our industry experts. We connect you to senior managers who led IT recruitment teams in the past. Reach out to Michal directly for more info.

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