Just released a 60-min free class on IT recruitment

Watch this class to learn from Michal how can you become a great IT recruiter and a full end-to-end partner to CTOs.

Michal Juhas on Jul 16, 2019

Are you a recruiter or an HR specialist hiring developers? If you want to learn how to recruit IT roles with confidence, you may want to watch this 60-minute video class I’ve just released.

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Here’s what I talk about in the class:

  • How can you level up as an IT recruiter? (4:33)

  • Who is a great IT recruiter? (10:37)

  • Know the IT roles (13:28)

  • Know the technologies, languages, frameworks (18:49)

  • Technology map (19:32)

  • Be a great researcher (20:33)

  • Personalize messages (21:28)

  • Be strong in Marketing (23:49)

  • What’s wrong with Job Descriptions? (25:08)

  • How to write better Job Descriptions? (28:20)

  • Marketing on social media (32:02)

  • Be strong in Sales (33:13)

  • “Cold calls do work!” (33:51)

  • “Confidence comes with knowledge and practice” (35:54)

  • How to become an end-to-end partner to CTOs? (36:54)

  • Courses inside the Geekruiter Academy (41:35)

We’ll be starting a new IT Recruitment Masterclass which I talk about at the end of the video.

If you are an IT recruiter and you like what you hear, you will also like the IT Recruitment Masterclass. Watch the video at 51:30 to learn more about my special offer.

Yes, I want this offer.

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