Speaking at Events

Would you like us to train your team?

Please, see the training programs we can organize for your team on-site at your premises.

Would you like us to speak at an event?

We are happy share our insights and expertise in technologies, building engineering teams, and technical recruitment.

Michal Juhas and the team can deliver both motivational and educational speeches.

The topics we cover include:

  • Technical Recruitment
    • IT sourcing strategies
    • Attracting technical talent
    • Career development for software talent
    • Technology map
    • How to source, interview, attract developers?
  • Building Companies & Startups
    • Building international startups
    • Getting the first customers
    • Building an online training academy
    • Innovation and product management
  • Building Remote Software Teams
    • Hiring and managing remote teams
    • Performance management for remote teams

Send us an email at speaking@geekruiter.com to book a time slot on our calendar.

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