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Hiring C# Developers Bundle -

Hiring C# Developers Bundle

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Learn what do C# developers use to build software applications.

Learn how to source developers like a Pro. How to attract them, how to use LinkedIn, GitHub or Slack to connect with them. How to use browser extensions and increase your productivity.

  • Advanced search on GitHub

  • How to use Slack communities for recruitment

  • How to look through Git repo and derive value from it?

In this module, you learn how to rewrite job descriptions to be more attractive.

  • Write job descriptions that attract developers

  • Learn what are developers interested in

  • Watch senior IT recruiters write powerful JDs

Learn what questions to ask PHP developers

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Reviews · see all

I really enjoy your short tips and like the idea of bringing in developers to the table.

David, recruiter

Just signed up! There is always plenty to learn in this challenging and dynamic market!

Marta, recruiter

I was really surprised how professional the course from Geekruiter is - IT people finally speak a normal language that everyone can understand! It is very much visible how much work they have invested in order to help recruiters understand technical fundamentals; so essential for our work!

I got to learn a lot of new things, made things clear that I thought I knew, but Michal together with his team helped me to understand it in a wider concept.

I do recommend you to join Geekruiter - learning is fun with them and they are ready to explain you every single detail that you were afraid to ask before.

Michaela, recruiter

The training videos are pretty much beneficial for tech recruiters like us. Keep up the good work!

Chandra, recruiter

I am an IT recruiter professional working on 7+ years yet believe this Academy will truly help me improve and enhance my skills to find right candidate.

Savintha, recruiter

The videos and content are very helpful. Thanks for the initiative. Appreciate it!

Akshita, recruiter

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