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IT Fundamentals For Individual Recruiters

Nine video courses bundled together to help IT recruiters acquire solid technical foundation.


Wouldn't be great if you understood the technical terms hiring managers and developers mention in their CVs or during an interview? Wouldn't it help you "close" more deals?

Of course, it would!

The recruiters we train in IT get an immediate confidence boost after they learn the differences between:

  • Testing vs. QA
  • DevOps vs. NoOps
  • Data warehouse vs. Big Data
  • Project manager vs. Product manager
  • Kanban vs. Scrum
  • Lean vs. Agile
  • SQL vs. PL/SQL
  • Product vs. Engineering teams
  • Backend vs. Fullstack
  • Product manager vs. Project manager
  • ... and 50+ more key terms explained in a human language

We go as far as giving out "scripts" on how to start a conversation.

This is your chance to understand the terminology software developers and CTOs use daily.

Wait no more, start learning today!

Training modules

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Everything a technical recruiter needs to know about how are software projects managed: using Waterfall, Agile, Kanban, and Scrum.

  • Why do companies prefer Agile over Waterfall?

  • What is the difference between Lean and Agile?

  • Why do some teams prefer Kanban and others Scrum?

  • How do Agile and DevOps work together?

  • Learn more about the course GR102 »

Organizational structure, siloed vs. agile teams, CIO vs. CTO, Product vs. Project manager, Data engineer vs. Data scientist… and a lot more.

  • The difference between a functional vs. matrix IT teams.

  • Why do startups prefer flat, agile team structure?

  • The difference between a Product vs. Engineering teams.

  • The most common entry roles and career paths in IT.

  • Modern roles in digital IT teams.

  • Learn more about the course GR103 »

Learn about the software developers, languages, frameworks, and tools they use.

  • What are the most common programming languages and frameworks.

  • Who are Backend and Fullstack developers and what tools do they use?

  • Who are frontend and Mobile App developers?

  • Learn more about the course GR104 »

Learn about the most technical stacks developers often refer to and repositories in the cloud they use daily. As a well-rounded recruiter you need to know the most popular tech stacks (LAMP, MEAN), understand what is Git, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, repositories and cloud storages in general.

  • What are cloud software repositories and how do developers store there the software code they produce?

  • What are the most popular technical stacks?

  • What is open source code?

  • Learn more about the course GR105 »

Learn about databases, data warehouse, SQL, PL/SQL, and business intelligence.

  • What types of databases do developers use?

  • How to recognize database developer from a data warehouse developer?

  • What are the differences and specifics of database architects, database developers, and database administrators?

  • What is BigData and Business Intelligence?

  • Learn more about the course GR106 »

Learn about continuous integration, automated testing/QA, and a DevOps environment. Most of the recruiters we talk to struggle with DevOps, continuous integration, automated testing and workflows. We explain these terms in a human language so you understand how do modern teams work.

  • What is the difference between Testing and QA?

  • Why DevOps is so popular these days?

  • How can you as a recruiter recognize a company uses DevOps?

  • How can you interview testers and QA engineers?

  • Learn more about the course GR107 »

Learn what you as a recruiter need to know about software design, web design, and prototyping. Understand the differences: UX vs. UI, a product prototype vs. MVP, CMS vs. CRM, and more. Learn how websites are build using Wordpress and what kind of web designers are out there.

  • What is the difference between CX and UX?

  • How can you interview a web designer?

  • Learn more about the course GR108 »

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We train recruiters in...

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I like to watch these lessons. In simple words about the complicated things. Moreover, guys are always open to answer any questions or give advice if necessary.

Tatiana, IT recruiter

Great help for recruiters! Quite clear and easy to understand lectures and webinars. Guys are doing their best to show recruiters what exactly they need to know.

Julia P., IT recruiter

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Full-HD video training
Full-HD video training
We get great feedback from IT recruiters
We get great feedback from IT recruiters

Reviews · see all

I really enjoy your short tips and like the idea of bringing in developers to the table.

David, recruiter

Just signed up! There is always plenty to learn in this challenging and dynamic market!

Marta, recruiter

I was really surprised how professional the course from Geekruiter is - IT people finally speak a normal language that everyone can understand! It is very much visible how much work they have invested in order to help recruiters understand technical fundamentals; so essential for our work!

I got to learn a lot of new things, made things clear that I thought I knew, but Michal together with his team helped me to understand it in a wider concept.

I do recommend you to join Geekruiter - learning is fun with them and they are ready to explain you every single detail that you were afraid to ask before.

Michaela, recruiter

The training videos are pretty much beneficial for tech recruiters like us. Keep up the good work!

Chandra, recruiter

I am an IT recruiter professional working on 7+ years yet believe this Academy will truly help me improve and enhance my skills to find right candidate.

Savintha, recruiter

The videos and content are very helpful. Thanks for the initiative. Appreciate it!

Akshita, recruiter

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